Smyte is no more – The latest episode in the acquisition saga of Tech Giants

Not even a month has been passed since Microsoft gave a big surprise to the world at large and the open source community by acquiring Github Inc. a few days ago, and there has been another acquisition yesterday. This time, Twitter Inc. bought the well known online service Smyte. Smyte was an online provider of anti-abuse technology services, i.e. things like AI algorithms for identifying online trolling, etc. Many customers were totally dependent on this provider’s API which suddenly disappeared off the radar after Twitter Inc. acquired them yesterday. (more…)

A collection of random hacks – Ubuntu

Whether you are a sysadmin, developer or just a user, if you face a non-trivial issue while setting up any software, you generally head over to sites like to find any solutions. If the problem is solved and you are happy, you generally do two things: Bookmark/Star that post, and secondly make a note to your own workflow about that issue for future references. For what its worth, here is the collection of such notes prepared by me for ubuntu 12.04 LTS. However, most solutions should work on 14.04 too. (more…)

Sqlalchemy Hack – How to convert a table to dict on the fly

In on of my recent projects, I came across the need to develop a JSON based REST API to fetch data from the sqlalchemy objects. Now, the Query object is a great way to access data using the powerful sqlalchemy orm, but it doesn’t give any built-in way to convert the result-set into a python dict. (more…)

Is safe anymore to download software

You have probably heard about all the recent buzz surrounding the website hosting adware/malware bundled installers and naive users falling prey to it. In some cases, SF even actively took control of abandoned developer accounts. to bundle their crapware. (more…)

How to know whether my blog post will attract traffic or not

One of the evergreen topics for discussions in the blogging world is SEO, and especially the various ways of attracting bless of the all-pervading search engines to one’s own site or blog. There are various ways to approach this problem, some of the popular ones are: (more…)

How to host a Flask app on Openshift

Openshift free tier is an excellent way to host your python web app for staging or testing, and you can even host a low to medium traffic production site. Openshift provides several options (cartridges) for hosting including python, php, node.js, etc. but python being my favorite language and Flask being a minimalist and flexible framework, this combination is what I usually end up with. (more…)

Farewell WordPress, Hello Jekyll!

Here I am, signing off from a self-hosted, over-bloated WordPress site and finding a welcome change in Jekyll, a blog-aware static site generator. There is nothing new about this, several well-known bloggers have already migrated to Jekyll in the last few years including Rasmus Andersson, Nick Quaranto and Roger Chapman. Ever since Tom Preston Werner invented this thing in 2008 and published his infamous article about Blogging Like a Hacker, it has become the Go-to thing for those of us who favour on-line publishing above everything else. (more…)

4 Ways to share your mobile internet with a PC/laptop

The one thing I like about the world of Linux in general and also Android is the great number of options. Unlike Windows phone, where there is only one way to perform a task (if at all there is!), android provides a richer user experience in all departments. (more…)

7 Reasons I would prefer an Android Phone over WP8

My existing phone is a Karbonn A30 running Android ICS and my next phone is going to be an Android phone too. Both as a user and as a developer, I’ve come upon the realization that Android provides a much better user experience and overall satisfaction in mobile computing. (more…)

PHP – An Annoying Tryst

It has been a few months since I’ve started working primarily in PHP and I am actually liking the language a lot! I like the simplicity and symmetry found in C style of solving problems, and PHP has got liberal amounts of that kind of resemblance. I have even come to terms with the clutter of all unorganized functions, considering all the positive aspects of PHP programming. (more…)