WebDev Resources

Official docs and other resources

Front-end libraries and frameworks

  • jQuery - The most popular JavaScript library in vogue. A must-know for any web-developer.
  • select2 - The ultimate jquery component to turn select boxes into powerful searchable boxes.
  • Bootstrap - A popular CSS/JavaScript framework by Twitter Inc., again an “off-the-shelf” reusable component for backend & front-end developers alike.
  • Bootbox.js - Lightweight library to show modal dialogs and confirms in Bootstrap.
  • BootstrapTour - Great tool to show your users through your site the first time they visit/sign-in.
  • Bootsnip - Not a library per se, but great resource to find bits of code to enhance the bootstrap experience.
  • assemble.io - Great tool for pre-processing html before build. Helpers for mark-down, code, etc. are just remarkable.
  • bootstrap-slider - Slider plugin for the bootstrap framework.
  • Purecss framework - A minimal (18 kilobytes) CSS framework by Yahoo Inc. which is really a boon for backend developer like me who can’t easily double up as a professional web designer!
  • jQueryUI - Official docs - A UI framework on top of jQuery, but lost traction lately due of Bootstrap and other frameworks.
  • AngularJS - Official docs - A mind-blowing MVC framework to lay out a framework for large MVC apps on the front-end. Extensively used along with Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Zurb Foundation - A viable alternative to Twitter Bootstrap. Powers a lot of high-profile websites.
  • to-markdown - A handly html-to-markdown converter written in JavaScript by Dom Christie.
  • EditableGrid - Easily integrate editable table functionality in your app.
  • JSTree - Useful jQuery plugin to easily integrate trees in your web apps. The one on the left side of this page is built using jstree library.
  • jsPlumb - Useful JavaScript library for plugging-in “drag-drop” elements in your web-page.
  • d3js - Useful FOSS JavaScript library for charting and all kinds of data visualization.
  • Flot charts - FOSS JavaScript library for charting. Viable alternative to highcharts.
  • jqplot - Another great FOSS JavaScript charting library.
  • Prettify - A Syntax-Highlighter script that makes source-code snippets in HTML prettier.
  • i18next - Internationalization/Localization library for JavaScript.
  • Jed - Internationalization/Localization library for JavaScript.
  • highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charting library. But remember, its free only for personal/non-commercial use.


  • Google Fonts - Get professional quality fonts for free - courtesy of Google Inc.
  • FontAwesome.io - Open source vector based fonts covering all varieties, a boon for Web Developers.
  • Iconfinder - If the above resources cannot deliver what you need, you will most probably find it on iconfinder. But not all icons are FOSS, so be sure to look up their terms of use.