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  • Django - A popular web framework written in Python. Often touted as the web framework for busy journalists with deadlines, Django is very flexible and can be adapted to any web project needs.
  • Flask - A minimalist web framework. While not as popular and stuffed as Django, Flask follows a more lego block approach to development - starting from a minimal core, and keep adding as needed. An excellent framework, nevertheless.
  • Bottle - A single module web framework for Python.


  • scipy - Important python package for mathematicians and statisticians.
  • numpy - A package for scientific computing.
  • matplotlib - A 2d plotting library.
  • SQLAlchemy - The “bread and butter” ORM library in the python world. Extremely versatile and flexible enough to work with almost any RDBMS known to mankind.
  • pandas - High performance Data Analysis library for Python.
  • nltk - Widely used Python library in the field of Natural Language Processing.
  • Twisted - An event driven networking engine written in python. Twisted is to python what System.Net is to C# or package is to Java.
  • Beautiful Soup - A mind-blowing XML parsing library that is widely used in web-scraping scripts and applications in python.
  • Mechanize - A fully-fledged web-scraping framework written in Python.
  • Pelican - A static site generator that supports markdown and reST syntax. Written in python.
  • Tweepy - Library to access tweets using the twitter api.
  • openpyxl - A pure python library to work with Microsoft Excel 2010 (*.xlsx) format workbooks.
  • xlrd - A pure python library to read Microsoft Excel 97 (*.xls) format workbooks.
  • python-docx - Python library to write to work with Microsoft Word Documents.
  • pygame - A popular python gaming library.
  • panda3d - Python graphics library.
  • pyglet - Python graphics library.
  • requests - A popular library for handling HTTP requests.
  • Kivy - A modern GUI toolkit for building apps, works seamlessly on Linux, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • PySide - Alternative GUI toolkit in Python, the open source version of PyQt which is commercial.

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