PHP – An Annoying Tryst

It has been a few months since I’ve started working primarily in PHP and I am actually liking the language a lot! I like the simplicity and symmetry found in C style of solving problems, and PHP has got liberal amounts of that kind of resemblance. I have even come to terms with the clutter of all unorganized functions, considering all the positive aspects of PHP programming. Continue reading

9 Optimizations to make your Linux Desktop fly like a Rocket!

This article is the result of notes I’ve prepared during tweaking, twisting and optimizing ubuntu variants over the last few years. In case you use any other distro, some of these settings may not be applicable to you. For best results, these changes must be done on top of a fresh installation, otherwise chances of things breaking increase a bit. Each step is optional – In case of software removals, do it only if you are not going to use the concerned software. Be careful before making any changes and know exactly what and why you are doing that. Continue reading

PHP-FPM vs node.js – The REAL Performance Battle


Even after getting all the boos and howls from PHP fan-boys after I criticized their favorite language in my last article, my search for the holy grail of performance truth still continues. That was only expected, considering how widely PHP is used across the web from small businesses to the Googles and Facebooks of the world to power their websites. Continue reading

PHP vs node.js: The REAL statistics

When it comes to web programming, I’ve always coded in ASP.NET or the LAMP technologies for most part of my life. Now, the new buzz in the city is node.js. It is a light-weight platform that runs javascript code on server-side and is said to improvise performance by using async I/O.

The theory suggests that synchronous or blocking model of I/O works something like this:

Blocking I/O

Continue reading